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Owning Charming Teacup Pigs


Teacup pigs gained their popularity as pets just recently when more and more celebrities like Paris Hilton were seen sporting them around town. They are cute and the newly born ones can fit into a teacup. Not too long ago a man named Chris Murray from Devon, England started breeding small-sized pigs. It took him nine years to finally develop a breed that is small enough to be kept as a household pet – the teacup pig. The teacup pig got its name because Chris Murray loved tea so much. Aside from being used as pets, some mini pigs are used in medical research and scientific experiments.


Adult teacup pigs reach their full-grown size at the age of two to three years old. Unlike the ordinary pigs, which can weigh about two hundred pounds, they typically weigh 25 pounds and can grow as tall as a cocker spaniel. Imagine the sheer smallness of their size. Though there are no specific breeds of small sized pigs established by international associations for the purpose of regulation, teacup pigs sold in the market today generally do not grow so big.  


The good thing about these pets is that they have a lifespan of 15-20 years, which allows pet owners to develop a strong bond with them. Over the course of its entire lifespan you would grow accustomed to its habits and its charms. Pet owners get more and more attached everyday especially when they see their pets being so affectionate.


It is easy to take care of these pets for they are not the typical pigs that can mess around your house. They do not make noise a lot. In fact, these mini-sized pigs are ideal apartment pets because they do not move around a lot and they do not climb flights of stairs.


Due to their small stature making movements are a bit difficult. Your kids would love to bring them around because they can easily be carried by one hand anywhere. The catch with teacup pigs is that they are motivated by the thought of eating and getting food.


As a pet owner, it is very important to regulate their eating habits. It is suggested to feed them twice a day only as overfeeding them may lead to weight gain.  There are specialized pet stores where you can buy their food to ensure they have a nutritious and healthy diet.


To take their mind of the food, occupy them with activities that they can do inside their mini pig pens – toys for example that they can play with. It is also important that there is a grassy area or a specific spot inside the house where the teacup pig can freely roam around or take a walk in those spaces.  Surprisingly these mini pigs are intelligent. They can see the pattern of routines and they can be easily trained even by a beginner or even by the pet owner himself. This is the reason why more and more people would love to have them as household pets.


Teacup pigs are charming in every way. Most pet owners adorn them with polka dot ribbons and dress them up to look cuter and more appealing when they are taken for a walk outside of the house. It sparked a whole industry of teacup pig apparel ranging from colorful shirts, summer hats, ribbons, and laces.  In fact, there is an annual competition where lovers and breeders of teacup pigs gather to show off their pet’s latest fashion statements.


Having teacup pigs as pets can be exciting in every way for they are not your usual pet but you would be surprised that they blend and adjust well as part of your family.




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